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Local Plan timetable is revised

Craven's Local Plan timetable has been revised to allow more time for consultation.

Members of Craven District Council's spatial planning sub-committee agreed the changes at a meeting on January 30.

Councillors heard that good progress had been made but that more time was needed for stakeholder consultation and feedback relating to the Viability Assessment. This consultation is vital to ensure a robust final report.

Further engagement and feedback from the Highway Authority has also highlighted that further work is needed on the Highway Modelling section of the plan.

To prepare and assist councillors in considering the next consultation draft of the Local Plan, a number of Member workshops are now set to be held in February and early March.

Public consultation on a revised draft Local Plan is now likely to start in the latter part of March 2017.

David Smurthwaite, Craven District Council's Strategic Manager, said: "It's crucial that the council ensures the Local Plan complies with legal requirements and can be judged sound following independent examination.

"We have to ensure that a complete evidence base is in place at the publication stage to underpin the strategy, policies and proposals of the Local Plan.

"If the council sought to formally publish the Plan without a complete evidence base, there would be a significant risk that the Plan would be found unsound at examination."