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There are about 50 playgrounds in the Craven District. Most are managed by the local Parish Council, Town Council or Playground association.


There are about 50 playgrounds in the Craven District.  Most are managed by the local Parish Council, Town Council or Playground association.

Aireville Park in Skipton has 3 play areas.  One equipped play area at the bottom of the park, one small play area at Craven Swimming pool and one Skatepark by the Swimming pool entrance.  These are all managed by Craven District Council. 

A full list of Playground sites will go live on the website once our mapping tool goes live. (My Craven)

Craven District Council supports the development of Playgrounds in Craven.  This includes the following:

  • Grant via the Community Grant Scheme INSERT HYPERLINK
  • Funding via planning gain INSERT PLANNING GAIN HYPERLINK
  • Advice and officer support with playground development (new or refurbish)

 Play England are the national play agency.  Play England website They have published two key Play Guides covering the management and development of play areas. See related documents.

All play areas looking for information on managing play areas should use the Managing Risk in Play Provision guide

All play areas looking to refurbish or develop should use the Design for Play document.

The Sports Development Service has gained Quest accreditation (UK Quality Scheme for Sport and Leisure) with a score of 85% leading to an "Excellent" rating. 
This represents one of the highest scores in the UK.

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