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Fly-tippers warned as 'bring sites' close

Craven residents and businesses are being warned not to fly-tip as a number of recycling 'bring sites' have closed across the district.

Six bring sites are still in place, at Grasmere Close car park, High Bentham, Main Street car park, Embsay, Glusburn Institute car park, Glusburn, Whitefriars car park, Settle, Community Centre car park, Ingleton, and Coach Street car park, Skipton.

Councillors agreed to remove the majority of bring sites at a Policy Committee meeting in October this year after a consultation found more than 95 per cent of respondents would use alternative recycling services such as the household recycling services, other recycling centres, or charity shops, if their local bring site was closed.

Wyn Ashton, Environmental Services & Housing Manager, said: "We have now removed bring sites from areas of land across the district, due to a reduction in demand for such sites and the kerbside collection of recyclates.

"We have given residents and businesses plenty of notice that these sites were being removed, and we are now monitoring the sites closely to ensure that they are not being used for fly-tipping.

"Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence which can lead to imprisonment or fines of up to £50,000.

"There are a number of alternatives for residents and businesses to dispose of their waste in Craven. Some owners of sites where the containers are located on private land have requested trade waste collections in place of the bring site, and the council is happy to provide this service."

The council has been operating bring site recycling facilities throughout the district since 1970, many of which are located in car parks and at licensed premises and campsites, but with the introduction of kerbside collection of recyclates the need for such sites has diminished significantly.

Businesses who use the bring sites can take up a trade waste collection with Craven District Council, which offers chargeable fortnightly collections of mixed recycling (glass/cans/plastics), and paper/cardboard for local businesses.

Owners of sites where the containers are located on private land were notified by letter that the containers were scheduled for removal.

Residents were also informed of the closure of bring sites with stickers being placed on containers due to be removed.

Closures of the bring sites began on November 30, and all sites scheduled for closure have now been removed.

For more details of trade waste collections or any other queries, please contact the council's Waste Management team at, or on 01756 706429.

Anyone with any information about fly-tipping in Craven can report it by calling 01756 706255 or by filling in this online form: