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Emergencies - mountain rescue and cave rescue

Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association

Many people visiting the Yorkshire Dales don't know how to get help if there is an accident or if someone is missing or overdue.

That's the claim of the three volunteer search and rescue teams which provide a safety net for walkers, cavers, climbers, casual visitors and others who venture out into the Dales countryside. So the teams - Cave Rescue Organisation, Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association and Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team are taking the initiative with a major campaign to help people get it right if they need help away from a main road. The campaign has received practical and financial support from North Yorkshire Police and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority. 

Seasoned outdoors people know that when you ring 999 for a rescue team, you should ask for 'Police', then ask them for mountain or cave rescue. Often, in that fraught time immediately after an accident, less experienced people can ask for an ambulance, without thinking - and sometimes without telling the ambulance service dispatcher about the remoteness or inaccessibility of the site where help is needed. So, the teams have published advice on a card that folds to credit-card size and fits easily into a wallet or the first aid kit that every party should carry.