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Graffiti - reporting and removal


Provision of a facility whereby members of the public can report graffiti to the council. The council will arrange for the removal of the graffiti in a timescale determined by the content with the highest priority likely to be given to graffiti which is racist or offensive in some other way.


Graffiti ranges from small tags on walls and street furniture to large scale racist or offensive graffiti. If graffiti occurs in a community, it can affect the people in the surrounding area by contributing to their fear of crime.
Reporting an Act of Graffiti

Any graffiti on the highway can be reported to Customer Services on 01756 700600. Alternatively you can fill in our online Customer Complaints form.
Offensive or Racist Graffiti

Such graffiti should be reported to the Police and to Customer Services on 01756 700600.