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Social Housing Standards

The Tenant Services Authority is the regulatory body for social housing and all councils (with housing stock) and housing associations, must meet its standards. These standards include those about the quality of housing as well as how the organisation should be run.

Decent homes

The standards social housing landlords must meet

There are six standards that social housing providers must meet. They are designed to help improve the services provided for some eight million people who live in social housing in England.

The six standards are:

  • Tenant involvement and empowerment
  • Home  - standards about the quality of the housing and repairs and maintenance
  • Tenancy - rules about tenancy and housing allocation
  • Neighbourhood and community
  • Value for money
  • Governance and financial viability - how the organisation is run and how it manages its finances

Please click on the following links to the Tenant Services Authority and Directgov websites for further information regarding the standards and requirements set by the TSA and the work of the TSA:

Tenant Services Authority-social housing standards social housing standards & services

The Decent Homes Standard

Social housing providers must strive to ensure that all of their properties meet the Decent Homes Standard. Originally introduced solely to raise standards in social housing, the Decency Standard has been extended to vulnerable people living in private sector accommodation.  A decent home is one that is wind and weather tight, warm and has modern facilities.Th ere are four criteria that make up the Decent Homes standard is made up of four criteria and these criteria form a minimum standard to attain 'decency'. A property must meet all of the four criteria to be classed as 'decent'.

For more information regarding the Government's Decent Homes Standard, please see the links to the right of the page