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Housing information and advice

The Council provides advice and assistance on many different types of housing queries to anyone who has a housing problem living in the Craven area.


We work with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and provide advice on the different types of housing  available to those that are looking to move. 

We also work with landlords and homeowners to improve access to rented accommodation and the condition of all housing so it is decent and safe for the occupants to live in.

What can you expect from the Housing Options Service?

  •  We will offer you an appointment within 3 working days, depending on the urgency of your situation. If you are roofless you will be given an appointment the same day
  • Our priority is to resolve your issues so that you can stay in your current accommodation but if that isn't possible we will help you to look for somewhere else to live
  • We will advise you about the housing options that are available which will be tailored to your individual circumstances.  
  • We will tell you how realistic your chances are of getting accommodation.
  • We will give you advice about the cost of renting, how much rent you can afford to pay and the areas where you can find housing that is affordable
  • If you have problems like debts, or you need support to keep your home we can refer you to other agencies that can help you to sort out these issues
  • We will confirm our advice in writing, setting out all the things we have discussed and how we are helping you to sort out your housing problem. This letter will also have any details of any follow up appointments with other agencies.
  • If you are going to be homeless in the next 28 days we will take a homeless application from you and explain what that means and what will happen next
  • We expect that you will take the advice that we give you and do everything you can to help yourself.

When is our service available?

We are based at the Council Offices, 1 Belle Vue Square, SKIPTON, BD23 1FJ

Our offices are open:
9:00am to 5:00pm                      Monday - Thursday
9:00am to 4.30pm                      Friday

Tel:   01756 706475


If you need our services outside of these opening times we have an Out of Hours telephone service (Emergencies only) on:

Tel:   01653 699 392

What help can we offer?

Please contact the Housing Options team to find out more about the sort of help we can provide. We can arrange an interview for you where we can discuss in detail your particular case and begin to find a solution to your housing problem - we would be pleased to help!

Listed below are our web pages providing information about some examples of key areas of advice and assistance we are able to provide: