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Corporate Asset Management Plan 2011-2015

Asset management provides a structured process to ensure value for money from property in serving the needs of the organisation. Property assets are expensive, in terms of both their capital value and annual maintenance and running costs. They need to be carefully managed over their lives to ensure best value through their use, maintenance and generation of income.

Craven District Council's Asset Management Plan (AMP) sets out the Council's approach to the strategic management of its land and buildings, outlining how the Council's assets support the Council's priorities. The AMP also identifies the action required to develop these priorities further and contains proposals for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Council's property portfolio.

Further there are a range of benefits that can be derived from effective asset management including
• release of capital for re-investment or debt reduction;
• efficient running costs;
• better public service provision by improved property and co-location of services;
• property in good condition;
• improved property utilisation and bringing together similar uses into the same property, rather than providing them separately;
• improved productivity, changes in corporate culture and facilitation of corporate change;
• improved delivery of community objectives through the more effective use of property;
• innovative strategic procurement

The AMP can be viewed below.

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