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CCTV - releasing for evidence

CCTV Procedure for the Release of Evidence

CCTV - releasing for evidence


Craven District Council does not operate any fixed  CCTV cameras in Craven. 

But early in 2013 a wireless CCTV (WCCTV) system was purchased that allows images to be recorded for the purpose of crime prevention and detection. This mobile system will be used throughout Craven to investigate fly tipping, burning, littering and dog fouling and any other crimes we feel it would assist with investigation.  Access is restricted and a record is kept of use.  Evidence will only be stored if an offence has been captured and further enforcement action is to be taken.


North Yorkshire County Council operates CCTV at a number of locations throughout North Yorkshire. The main purposes are for crime prevention and detection and staff & visitor safety.

Other CCTV systems are operated on some buses in North Yorkshire which are used to transport children to and from some schools.

Access is restricted and a record is kept. Where access has been granted to view images then the following information is logged:-

  • The date and time of access
  • The name(s) of the person(s) viewing the images and their organisation(s) if any
  • The reason for the viewing
  • The outcome, if any, of the viewing 

Should a copy of the recording or the removal of the recording media be required, for example, as evidence by the Police, by Court order, etc., then the information above plus the following additional information will be logged:-

  • The date and time of removal
  • The name of the person removing the media or receiving a copy
  • The reason for the removal
  • The date and time when the media has been returned.

It must be noted that some sites do not record the CCTV images, such as those used for access control, or other reasons which do not require a record of the images to be kept.

In addition to images being released as evidence, individuals may ask in certain circumstances for copies of their images, under the Data Protection Act 1998. Where there are images of third parties, these will, where necessary, be obscured prior to release of the information. When such requests are made, information including time and place of recording, photograph(s) of applicants for identification and any other relevant to prove authenticity will be required by North Yorkshire County Council to assist in the response to such requests.