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Records and archives

  • Records and archives - information and advice

    Archives are original documents produced by official bodies, societies and individuals that are no longer in current use. Archives can be viewed at the County Record Office.

  • Records and archives - loans, donations bequests and sales

    Information of local interest which is available for viewing by the community are often donated, bequeathed or loaned to the records office by local residents and historians. North Yorkshire County Council have a standard agreement which is used to details terms of the loan or donation.

  • Records and archives - withdrawals

    A depositor may permanently withdraw their records at any time, provided notice is given to the Record Office. During this period of notice, North Yorkshire County Council reserves the right to copy the records and to make these copies available for private research.

  • Records and archives - access

    Records will be made available to the public for research during the advertised opening hours of the record office and in accordance with the search room rules. All visits to the County Record Office are by appointment. Bookings can be made by telephone, e-mail, fax, post or in person.

  • Records and archives - enquiries

    The council keeps archives of documents relating to the local area. These may include parish registers, maps and plans, council minutes and other historic documents providing an insight into the history of the area. Visitors are usually able to make enquiries of the archives in person (online or by visiting the County Record Office) or using a research service provided by the council for which a charge is normally made.

  • Record Office - general information

    Information on the services provided by the County Record Office.

  • Record Office - catalogue

    The Archives Online Catalogue provides access to over 4000 summary descriptions of all our archive collections and item level descriptions of selected collections.

  • Record Office - events

    The latest news from the County Record Office, including details of forthcoming talks, workshops, events and exhibitions.