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Food Safety

Craven District Council provides a food safety service to make sure that food and drink provided in the Craven District is safe. We help businesses comply with the law through advice and inspection of food premises.

We are responsible for the safety of food, which is imported, produced, sold and consumed within the Craven district.

We advise and educate food businesses and take enforcement action where appropriate.

These are some of the things that we do:

  • risk assessments of all registered food premises to give them a hazard rating - this determines how often we inspect them;
  • programmed food hygiene inspections
  • enforcement when hygiene and standards are not met/maintained
  • inspect and monitor approved premises
  • food sampling to ensure the wholesomeness of food
  • investigate food complaints.

We need to achieve the above in a way which is responsive to the needs of residents, businesses and visitors to the District (who may be affected by poor food safety) and to provide an effective and efficient enforcement programme to ensure food safety is improved and standards are maintained whilst not imposing undue burdens on businesses.



  • Register a food business

    UK law requires registration of premises used for a food business (including market stalls, restaurants, hotels, shops, canteens, delivery vehicles and other moveable structures).

  • Food poisoning & infectious diseases

    Food poisoning is usually caused by eating food contaminated by bacteria, or the toxins which bacteria produce. There are many different bacteria that cause food poisoning, each one causing symptoms that differ in nature and severity.

  • Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

    Craven District Council launched the scheme on 1st April 2012 with the hygiene rating applied to the last inspection undertaken on each food premise.

  • Approval of food premises

    The District Council is required to inspect and, where appropriate, grant permission for premises to handle, process and/or manufacture products of animal origin such as meat, dairy, eggs or fish.

  • Food sampling

    Craven District Council aims to ensure that all food produced, handled, distributed, stored and consumed within the district is safe and is of the nature, substance and quality demanded by the consumer.

  • Report a food safety problem

    Food service requests cover both premises and food safety.

  • Food safety inspections

    We carry out regular checks on all food premises to ensure the public is protected and that high standards are maintained. Visits to food businesses are carried out without prior notification. Higher risk businesses are visited more frequently than lower risk.

  • Running a food business

    If you're running a food business here's what you need to think about.