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Commercial waste and recycling

Information and advice about the council's commercial waste collection service

Craven District Council provides a Commercial Waste collection service to over 1,000 commercial premises every week. Refuse from commercial properties is collected by the Council by contract arrangement. Charges are based upon the amount of waste produced by container size and the service can be tailored to a businesses specific requirements.

We can provide waste containers in a range of sizes to suit the needs of individual businesses.  We can also provide 'Pay as you go' green refuse sacks for businesses that produce a small amount of commercial waste or where bin storage is a problem.  Please see Commercial waste - trade bins for more details

What we collect

We will collect almost anything, however, there are some types of waste which require special treatment, such as asbestos, chemicals, electrical equipment and other hazardous materials. If you wish to dispose of these type of items, please contact North Yorkshire County Council for advice on disposal on 08458 727374. 

How to set up a Waste Collection Service

If you would like to set up a waste collection service for your business, please contact Commercial Waste on 01756 700600 or email

What is the cost for this service?

For full information on prices, please contact Commercial Waste on:

Tel: 01756 700600

Containers provided for commercial waste

We can provide waste containers in the following sizes: 240, 360, 660, 1100 litres.  For businesses that produce a small amount of commercial waste, we can provide 'pay as you go' green refuse sacks.  Please call 01756 700600 for more details, or email

For more information click here: Waste Container Dimensions [99kb]

No commercial waste skip services are provided by the County Council, district or borough councils in North Yorkshire. Builder's skips require a permit if they are to be placed on the highway which is the responsibility of the Skip Hire Company. This is a requirement of the Highways Act 1980.

Extra collections

If your business requires an additional collection to its contracted scheduled service, a special request must be made to our Waste Management Services Helpline on 01756 700600 or email

The Council will provide additional collections for existing trade waste customers only.

Duty of care

All businesses have a legal duty under the Environment Protection Act 1990 to ensure that waste is disposed of responsibly.  You must make sure that all waste is stored safely and securely and prevent it from causing pollution to people or the environment.

Duty of Care regulations state that businesses must:

Keep waste packaged safely and securely

  • The waste must be packed in suitable containers so that it cannot fall out, blow away or escape from the receptacle.
  • You must secure the waste against unauthorised removal as far as a reasonably practical.
  • Security should be sufficient to prevent the breaking open of containers and removal of waste by vandals, thieves, animals, accident or weather.  

Ensure that anyone taking their waste is authorised to do so

  • You must ensure that the person/registered company removing your waste is either from a local authority or a licensed waste collection company. They will be authorised to remove your waste and dispose of it safely. If you are unsure if they are a licensed collection company, ask to see a Waste Carriers Licence or check with the Environment Agency.

Waste Transfer Note

  • You must provide a written description of your waste to the person who removes it. This is known as a Waste Transfer Note and must be completed by both persons involved in the transfer.

Business Waste Handbook

An updated version of the  Business Waste Handbook (2nd edition) [4Mb]  has been produced by Craven, in association with Leeds City Council, to help local businesses manage their waste correctly and save money. It has been estimated that waste can cost companies about 4% of turnover. The handbook contains tips on how to reduce waste and ensure that all legal obligations are met.

Frequently asked questions - Commercial Waste

  1. Do I have to renew my contract every year?  - Yes, the contract is only valid for up to one year. A new Controlled Waste Transfer Note will be sent out before the beginning of the next financial year.  
  2. Why do I have to pay for trade waste when I already pay business rates? - Councils are obliged to make reasonable charges for the collection and disposal of trade waste under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The amount and type of waste generated by businesses can be very different. The charges are therefore not included in the business rating system.
  3. My business is producing more waste than was originally agreed in the contract, what should I do?  - Please contact Waste Management on 01756 700600, to discuss alternative containers and to amend the contract.

Commercial Waste - spillage

If you have had a commercial waste collection and there has been a spillage from the collection vehicle, call 01756 700600, or email

Commercial Waste - disposal sites

Disposal of commercial waste is the responsibility of the business owner. North Yorkshire County Council provides sites which are chargeable and there are reduced charges for recyclable materials. The sites are at Harrogate (Stonefall) and Northallerton (Yafforth Road).

Please note that this service is not provided by Craven District Council. Information on this service is provided by North Yorkshire County Council. Please select the link below for further information on their website.

Commercial Clinical Waste

Craven District Council does not provide a collection service for commercially produced clinical waste.

Companies that require this service should contact a private sector waste management company.

For more information about the legislation surrounding clinical waste please visit the Netregs website.