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Community Right to Bid

Communities now have the opportunity to identify a building or land which is important to their social well-being, and bid for it if it comes up for sale.

Across the district there are buildings and amenities that are important to the communities that use them. These could include, for example, a shop, a pub, or a library. The closure or sale of these places could potentially be damaging to communities. Under the Localism Act and the Community Right to Bid voluntary and community organisations can now nominate an asset to be included on a list of "assets of community value" held by the Council.

If the owner of a listed asset wants to sell it, they must tell the Council. The community will then be given a period of time (6 months) to prepare and make a bid for the asset.

Further information about the Community Right to Bid including how to nominate a community asset can be found on the page links below.