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Completed equality analysis

Equality analysis should be undertaken to identify whether an existing or proposed policy, strategy, procedure or function affects an equality or has an adverse affect on an individual or group.

By equality analysis the Council will be able to take action to improve services and ensure that they promote equality and do not discriminate or disadvantage groups or individuals. All of the equality analysis undertaken by the Council can be found below.


Bereavement Services


Environmental Health

pdf icon EA Sex Establishment policy [216kb]

pdf icon EA Public Health Funerals Policy [254kb]

word icon Hackney Carriage Code of Conduct - November 2010 [217kb]

word icon Environmental Enforcement - April 2008 [38kb]

word icon Food Enforcement - April 2008 [38kb]

word icon Food Plan - April 2008 [39kb]

word icon Environmental Health Business Continuity Plan - April 2008 [37kb]

Strategic Housing

pdf icon Craven Homelessness Strategy 2015 [240kb]

pdf icon Housing Strategy 2015 [253kb]

word icon Choice Based Lettings - June 2009 [77kb]

word icon North Yorkshire Homelessness Strategy - Nov 2009 [758kb]

word icon Local Lettings Bentham Policy - July 2009 [34kb]

word icon North Yorkshire Housing Strategy - April 2008 [49kb]

word icon Joint Housing Allocations Policy - April 2008 [52kb]

word icon Private Rented Housing Policy for Housies in Multiple Occupation, Licensing and Regulation - April 2008 [43kb]

word icon Empty Homes Strategy - April 2008 [46kb]

Waste and Recycling

word icon Waste Management EIA - April 2008 [64kb]

word icon Bulky Waste - April 2008 [40kb]

word icon Alternate Weekly Collection - April 2010 [98kb]

Economic Development

word icon Economic Development Strategy - April 2008 [47kb]

word icon Tourism Strategy - April 2008 [49kb]

word icon Settle Renaissance Market Town Business Plan - April 2008 [44kb]

word icon Skipton Renaissance Market Town Business Plan - April 2008 [44kb]

word icon Play Service Areas - July 2010 [35kb]

word icon Craven on the Move - June 2010 [35kb]

Leisure Services

word icon London 2012 Torch Relay Event for Skipton [50kb]

Museum/ Arts

word icon Craven Cultural Strategy - April 2008 [42kb]

Planning and Building Control Services

word icon Consultation Draft Site Allocations Preference Criteria [44kb]

word icon Shaping a Spatial Strategy and Housing Figure for Craven [44kb]

word icon Shaping a Spatial Strategy: Additional Settlements [46kb]

word icon Planning and Building Control Services EIA - April 2008 [73kb]

word icon Flood Risk Guidance - February 2011 [43kb]

word icon Draft Interim Approach to Negotiating Affordable Housing Requirements (26th April 2012) [42kb]

Business Support


Customer Services

word icon Customer and Benefits Service E IA - April 2008 [62kb]

Human Resources

word icon Drugs and Alcohol Policy - April 2010 [117kb]

word icon Health and Safety Policy - April 2008 [39kb]

word icon Investors in People [147kb]

word icon Absence Management Policy and Procedure 2010 – 2013 [148kb]

word icon Home Based Working Guidance - March 2011 [147kb]

Revenue and Benefits

word icon Customer and Benefits Service E IA - April 2008 [62kb]

word icon Benefit Application Forms - April 2008 [29kb]

Partnerships and Communications

word icon Stronger Communities Service - April 2008 [55kb]

word icon Single Equality Scheme - October 2010 [245kb]

word icon Community Engagement Strategy - January 2010 [72kb]

word icon Climate Change Strategy - December 2012 [35kb]

word icon Council Plan 2011- 2015 [45kb]

word icon Community Safety Partnership Annual Plan - April 20012 [104kb]

word icon Consideration of Core/ Revenue funding support requests for the financial years 2011-12 to 2013-14 [149kb]

word icon Child Safeguarding Procedures - July 2010 [73kb]

word icon Craven Youth Council - November 2010 [151kb]

word icon Complaints, Comments and Compliments Procedure - March 2010 [32kb]

word icon Equalities Monitoring Guidance - Dec 2009 [33kb]

word icon Equality Impact Assessment Procedure - Dec 2009 [35kb]

word icon Residents Feedback Panel - December 2009 [33kb]

word icon Area Forums - December 2009 [79kb]

word icon Access to Services Strategy - April 2008 [48kb]


word icon Council Plan 2011- 2015 [45kb]

word icon Finance and Procurement EIA - April 2008 [44kb]

word icon Revenue Budget - March 2010 [32kb]

word icon Treasury Management Strategy - March 2010 [32kb]

word icon Procurement Strategy - Feb 2010 [35kb]

word icon Capital Strategy - April 2008 [41kb]

word icon Medium Term Financial Strategy - May 2008 [37kb]

Assets, Property and Facilities Management

pdf icon Blue Badge Parking March 2015 [269kb]

word icon Car Park Strategy - April 2008 [42kb]

word icon Car Parking Enforcement Policy - April 2008 [39kb]

word icon Asset Management Plan - April 2008 [40kb]

word icon Blue Badge Holders Parking - Dec 2010 [36kb]

word icon Legionella Policy - Jan 2010 [74kb]

word icon Staff Parking Arrangement Belle Vue Mills - August 2010 [81kb]

word icon Property Strategy - April 2008 [38kb]

word icon Asbestos Policy - Jan 2010 [74kb]

word icon Pop and Shop Car Parking [68kb]

word icon Blue Badge Changes [184kb]

Legal and Democratic

pdf icon EI Members allowance [204kb]

word icon Member Employee Protocol - October 2010 [42kb]

word icon Overview and Scrutiny - May 2010 [44kb]

word icon Review of Discretionary Funding - Aug 2010 [49kb]

word icon Review of the level of Members Allowance - December 2010 [44kb]

word icon Freedom of Information - April 2008 [39kb]


word icon Council Offices EIA - October 2011 [221kb]

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