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Council Tax

Council tax levels, council tax discounts and exemptions, and the council tax support scheme

Council tax is used to pay for local services. As well as our own, it pays for services from North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Police Authority and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority. The council tax level for 2016-2017 was set at Full Council on 25 February 2016.

Who is Liable to Pay?

Usually the person who lives in the property will pay the Council Tax, providing it is their sole or main residence and they are over 18 years of age.

If more than one person lives in the property, then it is the person who comes first on the following list who will pay:

  • owner who lives in the property
  • tenant who lives in the property
  • any person who lives in the property
  • owner who does not live in the property

People who are joint owners or joint tenants will be jointly and severally liable for the bill.  Married couples, and those living together as husband and wife, will also be jointly responsible for paying the bill whether or not hey have an equal interest in the property.

Change of Address

I you are moving, please let us know as soon as possible by telephoning our Customer Services team on 01756 700600.  Alternatively you can download a form, word icon Council Tax Change of Address form [236kb] complete it and return to Craven District Council, 1 Belle Vue Square, Broughton Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1FJ.


  • Empty Homes Review

    In support of the government's initiative to tackle the shortfall in national housing, Craven District Council is currently undertaking a review of empty Council Tax properties.

  • Council Tax levels 2016-17

    Most properties are subject to Council Tax, which helps to pay for the cost of local services.

  • Council Tax - How to Pay

    Council Tax bills can be paid in ten or twelve monthly instalments, due on the first of the month. To benefit from 12 monthly instalments in 2016/17 please contact Customer Services by 15 April 2016. After this date it may not be possible to pay your bill over 12 months in this financial year.

  • Council Tax Reduction 2016/17

    The Council Tax Reduction adopted by the Council for the period from 1st April 2016

  • Council Tax discounts

    Council tax discounts can apply in a number of circumstances.

  • Council Tax property exemptions

    Some properties are exempt from Council Tax.

  • Council tax - disabled band reductions

    Your council tax bill may be reduced if a permanently disabled person (whether an adult or child) lives in the dwelling.

  • Council Tax Reduction - new claim

    You can claim Council Tax Reduction if you are on a low income. This might be earnings (including self-employed earnings) or benefits such as Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance or Incapacity Benefits.

  • Council Tax Reduction - change of circumstances

    If there are any changes to your income, for example how much you earn, or the benefits you receive, you must tell us immediately, preferably in writing.

  • Council Tax Appeals

    You may appeal against your Council Tax banding or your liability to pay.

  • Council tax - second adult rebate

    Second Adult Rebate is help with your Council Tax bill if you are a pensioner and you share your home with one or more adults who are not your partner.

  • Council Tax Change of Address Online Form

    You can tell us about a change of address using this online form.