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Equality Monitoring

To make sure we deliver our services and employment opportunities fairly the council gathers equality information. We gather this information to identify barriers to accessing services and identify areas that could be improved to make sure our services are accessible to everyone.

We use the information we gather to identify where inequality exists so that we can plan to tackle it. When it will help us to improve our services and to understand how we are meeting our equality duties we will ask questions about peoples protected characteristics, including, age, race, gender and disability. We will always make it clear that people do not have to answer these questions and that they will still receive the services the need. We will keep all personal data confidential.

Equality does not mean providing the same service for all customers or treating them all in the same way. It is about adapting the service, when and where appropriate or possible, to meet the needs of diverse communities. Gathering equality information will help our residents to have equal access to a service or job. 

All equality monitoring information is classed as personal data under the Data Protection Act and as so will be treated confidentially.

Equality monitoring questions are not mandatory and will not make any difference to the service you receive. However, by answering the questions you will help us to ensure that our services are fair and accessible to all. 

Read Stonewall's pdf icon What's it got to do with you? [476kb] publication for further information about why you should bother to fill in the equalities information at the end of forms.