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Annual Equality Report

Our annual Equality Report demonstrates what we have been doing to do to meet the duties placed on us by the Equality Act 2010.

Producing the Craven District Council Equality Report 2016-17 has helped Craven District Council to identify the key issues affecting its services users and staff. This information will help the Council to inform the development of its services to make them as effective as possible for everyone. The emphasis on carrying out equality analysis for all policies, strategies procedures and functions carried out by the Council means that we understand the impact of the decisions we make on people with different protected characteristics and therefore can plan services more effectively.

By gathering equality data we know that the main issues affecting Craven's communities are an ageing population, and access to services. This should also be viewed in relationship to the rural nature of the area where residents live further away from key services than the regional average and could lead to cases of rural isolation.

This information contained in this report will help the Council to prioritise and set its equality objectives to ensure the best outcomes for the people in Craven. Craven District Council equality objectives were published by the Council in April 2012 and refreshed in April 2016; each year new actions are established to help meet our equality objectives.

Equality reports

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