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General - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that some customers have asked.

Q. Why don't you adjust the pool water temperature for each session?

A. Due to the volume  of the pool (just over 437,000 litres) it is almost impossible to adjust the water temperature at a rate that can be noticed from one hour to the next. It takes about 24hrs to increase the water temperature by one degree and we try to find a temperature to suit everyone.

Q. Lost Property - I've lost my towel at the pool how long do you keep it for?

A. This is a matter of hygiene, we cannot keep certain items for example, underwear, wet towels & hair brushes. However, due to their value we do hang out costumes (to dry). Any items that we book into lost property are kept for one month before we dispose of them by donating them to charity.

Q. Lockers - How do the lockers work?

A. Most of our lockers are operated by using a £1.00 coin, but the Fitness Centre lockers do not require any money and are free to customers using the Fitness Centre.

Q. How many lengths are in a mile?

A. There are 1,609 metres in a mile and the closest we can get to this is 64 lengths which is 1,600 metres.

Q. What age can children swim on their own (without an adult)?

A. 8 years old. However, if you have any children under that age then the following rules apply.

In the Main Pool, an adult can be responsible for 2 children if they are aged between 4 to 7 years old, however if any children are under 4 then this reduced to a 1:1 basis.

In the Teaching Pool, an adult can be responsible for up to 3 children if they are all aged between 4 and 7 years old, however if any children are under 4 this is reduced to a 2:1 basis.

Q. At what age can babies get into the pool?

A. You can bring along a baby whenever you choose, but we do recommend that you leave it for about 4 months. Babies lose their body heat very quickly so expect to have to get out of the water within 20 minutes. We also recommend that you bring along a spare towel for your baby so that you can put a towel around very quickly on poolside.

Q. I want to cancel my membership of the Centre (gym and/or swimming), how do I do this?

A. Naturally, we are always disappointed when a customer decides to leave us. We would ask that all customers try to let us resolve this first so that we can retain you. However, subject to the minimum terms being honoured you can click here to send an e-mail requesting that you cancel. We ask that you do not cancel any direct debit until you have heard from us in writing confirming your request. We will always respond to any customer request.

NB: we always take membership payments in arrears so sometimes you may make a payment after your membership has expired we will notify you of this if you request to terminate a membership.

Q. Why don't you have a lane in general swimming sessions?

A. We feel that we have enough times within the programme that customers can swim in lanes and general swimming is a session that is available to the general public (of all ages). Customers must be aware that these sessions are times that are more popular with families, children and teenagers. For a quiet swim please visit our timetable.

Q. I've used loads of gyms why do I need to have an induction?

A. For your own safety all of our customers must have an induction, most facilities are required to learn about customer's medical conditions before they are allowed to exercise. This includes important information about you so that the fitness staff can advise you accordingly. If you have used gyms elsewhere the induction is free and usually lasts for less than 30 minutes, depending on your experience in gyms.