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Community Governance Review Consultation - Electoral Arrangements of Parish Councils

Craven District Council has commenced a Community Governance review of parish council electoral arrangements, focussing specifically on whether the number of councillors appointed to smaller parish councils is sufficient for their efficient and convenient operation.  This follows a request from a parish council to increase their number of councillors from five to seven.

We are seeking views as to whether there would be merit in increasing the number of councillors from their current level.  Further information on the consultation and how to respond can be found in the documents below.

The deadline for this consultation is 29th September 2017.

pdf icon Community Governance Review Consultation [123kb]         word icon Questionnaire [14kb]

The next scheduled District and Parish Council elections will be held in May 2018.

Top Tasks

Electoral Services are responsible for preparation and annual publication of the Register of Electors , as well the maintaining and up-dating the Register during the year through the rolling registration procedures.

Electoral Services organises all elections for local Parish, District, County, UK Parliamentary, European Parliamentary, Police and Crime Commissioner and referendums. District Council Elections take place in three out of four years (a third of the councillors are elected at each time).

Electoral Services organises all the polling stations, staff and ballot papers to ensure the smooth running of the elections. It also process all applications to vote by post or proxy and maintains the absent voters lists.

The overall aim of the service is to manage the electoral registration and election process in a transparent, accountable and innovative manner, to ensure that local people are fully able to exercise their right to vote and influence decisions that affect their lives.