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This is the planning policy page for work on creating an up-to-date, new-style local plan to replace the current local plan.

A local plan is a document containing text and maps, setting out how land should be used in the future to achieve economic, environmental and social goals. Policies in a local plan are used to decide planning applications. You can see the council's current local plan on our Current local plan web-page. This document dates from 1999 and is now due for replacement. The new local plan will do a similar job, but will be up-to-date and in the new style. Scroll down the page to follow a time-line showing progress so far or jump to a particular year using the links below.

2017: Towards publication and submission

19th June to 31st July - consultation on pre-publication draft local plan

The council ran a six-week public consultation on a third (pre-publication) draft of its new local plan, including a drop-in event in Skipton. This followed consultation on previous drafts in 2014 and 2016 and included a new consultation on preferred sites. Whilst you can still view relevant documents (see below), the consultation is now closed. Analysis of responses will enable further improvements to be made before a final version is produced and subjected to formal approval procedures, including an Examination in Public.

Consultation documents

Background documents

Planning studies (or 'evidence base' documents) can be found, as always, on our Planning policy facts & figures web-page.


2016: Second draft local plan

22nd July to 19th August - preferred housing sites consultation - WITHDRAWN

The council ran a four-week consultation on a set of draft housing allocations for the new local plan. This consultation has been withdrawn and a new consultation covering the preferred sites will be included in the next consultation version of the draft local plan.

5th April to 31st May - consultation and drop-ins

The council ran an eight-week public consultation on a second informal (pre-publication) draft of its new local plan, including eight drop-in surgeries held in Settle (2), Glusburn, Skipton (2), Bentham, Ingleton and Cross Hills. Whilst you can still view the relevant documents, the consultation is now closed.

Consultation documents:


2015: Improving on the first draft 

19th October - objectively assessed need for housing (OAN)

The spatial planning sub-committee has accepted emerging evidence indicating an OAN of 290 dwellings per year (on average, for the whole district, including the national park) and has recommended to its parent committee (policy committee) a housing target and distribution strategy for the next draft of the new local plan. The recommended target is 256 dwellings per year, on average, which would provide 5,120 new homes over a 20-year plan period running from 2012 to 2032. Full details of what was discussed and agreed are contained in the sub-committee report and appendices. Any housing target and distribution strategy agreed by the policy committee will need final approval from the full council.

Update 3/11/15: The policy committee accepted and agreed the OAN, housing target and distribution strategy referred to above.
Update 1/12/15: The policy committee's decision was ratified at a meeting of the full council.

25th September - spatial strategy update

Here is a document that collates, presents and explains the spatial strategy options considered so far, plus some new variations emerging from consultation and recent evidence gathering. It puts the relevant information together in one place and should make it easier to follow our spatial strategy work. We hope you find it informative and interesting.


25th February - feedback, progress and timetable

The council's response to comments made on the first draft local plan (22/9/14 version) is available below. The "Policy Response Papers" document includes details of how comments have been taken on-board in the preparation of a second draft local plan (see above).

Here is a presentation on the main comments made about the draft local plan during public consultation last year, which gives a good overview of how the draft plan was received.

Detailed summaries of all comments are available below. The first summary relates to comments made about the various sections of the draft local plan document and the second summary relates to comments made about individual settlements.

Here is a report on progress and areas for further action, following consultation on the draft local plan. It provides a lot of information about the work that needs to be done in order to make progress on a second consultation draft.

Taking into account the feedback, progress and need for further work, reported above, we've been able to prepare a revised timetable for preparing the new local plan. This revised timetable or "local development scheme" (LDS) is available on our Local plan timetable web-page.

2014: Towards a draft local plan

11th December - consultation stat's

Here are some statistics about the response we've had to the draft local plan, plus information about what happens next:


4th November - consultation

The council ran a six-week consultation, on a first informal draft of the new local plan, from 22nd September to 3rd November 2014. The consultation gave people an opportunity to provide feedback at an early stage of the draft plan's preparation and to shape its progress. Whilst you can still view relevant documents (see below), the consultation is now closed.

Consultation documents:

Further information:

Background documents:


3rd June - preferred sites for consultation

The Spatial Planning Sub-Committee considered the team's work on identifying a selection of preferred housing and employment sites for the forthcoming draft local plan, which will be the subject of public consultation later this year (subscribe in advance). This initial selection is based on the outcome of site checklists, last year's community engagement events (see below) and preliminary sustainability appraisal. Here is the outcome of the sub-committee meeting:


14th April - mid-to-south adjustment

The Spatial Planning Sub-Committee considered the team's latest work on housing figures for the upcoming draft local plan. It was agreed that we should propose a lower figure in the Mid Sub-Area and a higher figure in the South Sub-Area, particularly in Skipton (but also in Carleton). The draft local plan will be based on this mid-to-south adjustment and will be discussed with communities, parish councils and other stakeholders during this year's further engagement. The sub-committee considered the following information:


2013: Community engagement events

20th November - key points from feedback

The Spatial Planning Sub-Committee considered key points from the community drop-in events held in the Summer and authorised the Planning Policy Team to prepare a draft local plan for further engagement with communities, parish councils and other stakeholders, early next year (2014). The sub-committee considered the following information:


24th June to 26th July - drop-in events

Over 1000 people attended 20 community drop-in events in 16 different towns and villages throughout the plan area. We discussed key questions about planning future housing and business development, including where it should be located, how much is required and which sites are preferable. People provided feedback at a Discussion Table, on a Post-It Wall and on feedback forms, after browsing a display of background information.

Output from the events:

Information displayed at the events:


2012: Shaping a spatial strategy and housing figure

19th December - SHLAA

The Spatial Planning Sub-Committee approved publication of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and the related Site Checklist:


30th October - spatial strategy settlements

The Spatial Planning Sub-Committee considered which settlements might have land allocated for housing development, how much development might be appropriate for each settlement and what criteria might be used to identify preferable sites:


8th October - workshop feedback

The Council's Spatial Planning Sub-Committee used stakeholder feedback from the September workshops to guide further work by the Planning Policy Team:


5th to 14th September - stakeholder workshops

Participatory workshops were held for parish councils and other stakeholders. Three workshop exercises were used to discuss a spatial strategy, a housing figure and an approach to allocations, policies and neighbourhood planning:


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