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Outsiders - Friday 17th November

Skipton Camerata's concerts on Friday 17th November


Friday 17th November  7.30pm - Click for further information

Mozart - Serenata Notturna

Bradshaw - New Work (world premiere)

Tchaikovsky  - Serenade for Strings

Skipton Building Society Camerata
Ben Crick Conductor

It seems strange that when two composers are as lauded and valued as Mozart and Tchaikovsky, that there was ever a time when such great people were undervalued and unwanted. Mozart composed his Serenata Notturna when he was still a servant in the pay of the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg. This was an unhappy time in the young composers life where his lack of nobile birth combined with his unwillingness to learn his place led to Mozart being ostracized from much of his immediate community.

Tchaikovsky suffered similar treatment but for very different reasons, he was considered simply 'not Russian enough'. Though he studied at several conservatoires, the all powerful 'Mighty Handful' of five composers - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Mily Balakirev, C├ęsar Cui, Modest Mussorgsky and Alexander Borodin - decided that his training had encouraged conformity and conventionality, and blocked any expression of the true Russian soul.

Despite these obstacles Mozart and Tchaikovsky continued to create great art. Mozart's Serenata Notturna is a perfect example of a genius transforming an everyday commission into a work of great intimacy, elegance and beauty whilst Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings takes all that western training and combines it with his majestic melodic gifts and Russian folksongs to create a masterpiece of the string repertoire.

Stephen Bradshaw's new work will take a modern look at nationalism and explore it's ability to create a sense of identity but also to create division, tension and isolation.