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Planning applications (Development Control)

Development Control primarily deals with planning applications and similar consents.

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In this part of the CDC web site you can find information on how to view current and past planning applications, how to comment on or object to planning applications, how to make a planning application (whether you need to, how to do it, forms, and an explanation of the application process.)


  • Viewing and commenting on a planning application

    The details of all planning applications that have been received by the Council since 2000 can be viewed on the Council's Online Planning Database. Since 2008 the plans and other information forming the application can also be downloaded. Anyone is able to view and comment on a planning application.

  • Make a planning application

    Advice on how to apply for planning permission, or other planning related consents.

  • Obtain advice on planning matters

    How to find out if planning permission (or another similar consent) is required, and how to get advice on the acceptability of a proposed development before submitting an application (pre-application advice).

  • How the planning application process works

    From start to finish, how planning applications are considered.

  • Work that does not require planning permission (Permitted Development)

    Certain works can be undertaken without gaining planning permission from the Council. These works are referred to as 'permitted development'.

  • Decisions and planning appeals

    The Council will reach a decision on whether to approve or refuse an application. If an application to carry out works is not determined within a set time period, or if you get a decision from your Local Planning Authority that you disagree with, you have a right to appeal.