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Planning policy

Welcome to the planning policy home-page, where you can find links to all of our planning policy web-pages.

If you need any help, spot any problems or have any suggestions, please contact the Planning Policy Team.

The team's main job is to produce and review the council's local plan, which is required by law and sets out how land should be used for such things as housing, employment, recreation and conservation. The aim of the plan is to achieve our economic, environmental and social goals through sustainable development. This means the plan must be tailor-made to suit the local area and local communities, mindful of our aspirations as a nation and committed to our international obligations.

Scroll down and click an icon to find whatever planning policy web-page you're looking for:

Policy News
Planning policy news - our latest bulletins, Planning Focus newsletter, updates and consultations


Current Local Plan
Current local plan - our adopted policies, proposals maps and guidance, which are currently in use


New Local Plan
New local plan - our work on creating an up-to-date, new-style local plan to replace the current local plan


Planning for Parishes
Planning for parishes - neighbourhood plans, parish profiles and local green space


Policy Facts & Figures
Planning policy facts & figures - our planning studies (or "evidence base"), surveys/monitoring and annual monitoring reports


Previous Policy Work
Previous planning policy work - older documents that form a background to what we're doing at the moment