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Land and premises

  • Corporate asset management plan

    Asset management provides a structured process to ensure value for money from property in serving the needs of the organisation. Property assets are expensive, in terms of both their capital value and annual maintenance and running costs. They need to be carefully managed over their lives to ensure best value through their use, maintenance and generation of income.

  • Grazing landGrazing land

    Grazing land

    Craven District Council has various parcels of grazing land within the district ranging from 0.5 acres to 36 acres. Grazing Licences are granted by negotiation.

  • Garages

    Craven District Council owns garages in many towns and villages across the district. In addition we have a number of plots where tenants can erect their own garage.

  • Council - property register

    The current list of assets held by Craven District Council

  • AllotmentsAllotments


    Allotment gardens are available for a minimal yearly fee and are a great way to grow your own fruit and vegetables, make new friends and keep fit in the great outdoors.

  • Street Naming and Numbering Register

    Street/Property Naming or Numbering is important as it allows post to be delivered efficiently, emergency services to find a property quickly - delays can cost lives, visitors to find where they want to go, reliable delivery of products and services and records of service providers to be kept in an efficient manner.