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How do I join Craven Leisure?

When customers choose to come to Craven Leisure, they have a number of options available to them. This section sets out the joining process for all customers and also includes the Direct Debit signing up process.

1. Online Registration Form/ Membership Joining Form

All customers must complete an online registration/joining form, this contains their personal details and the type of membership they want or if they just want to be a casual user. Online registration is completely free for pay as you go (casual) customers and it allows customers to join immediately so that they can make online bookings. Any bookings made by casual customers must be paid for at the time of the booking.

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2. Your Induction

You will get a call to book your induction with one of the fitness team. This costs £5,00-9.99 for casual users or is free to full members. This is your personal introduction to the Gym by a qualified Instructor. This ensures that you can use the equipment safely. Customers will be asked health questions as part of their sign up process, if you have certain underlying health conditions we recommend that you to check with your GP that it is safe for you to exercise. We have members of staff who are traned in Exercise Referrals. None of our staff are medically trained.  Staff can also check height / weight , Body Mass Index, Body Fat%, Blood Pressure, Resting heart rate.

3. Cancellation (minimum 30 Days notice)

Customers can cancel their membership once they have completed their minimum commitment. Your membership will continue unless you cancel (in writing) or by email  customers must give 30 days notice on or before the payment date. We will acknowledge your request and respond and we will let you know when your membership expires. Unless explicitly instructed do not cancel your direct debit mandate, we will do this for you once you have honoured your minimum commitment.