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Skipton Triathlon 2018

Enter Skipton Triathlon 2018 now! A sprint distance triathlon ideal for beginners and experts alike.

triathlon 2018

Skipton Triathlon 2018, on April 15, 2018, is the first triathlon of the season - a pool-based sprint triathlon, it's the perfect introduction to the sport made famous by the Brownlee brothers! Ideal for novices - competitors of all ages and abilities are welcome.

Swim 400m - Bike 22km - Run 5km

The Swim - 400m in Craven Swimming Pool & Fitness Centre

The Bike - A single-lap 22km circuit of some of the stunning countryside around Skipton

The Run - A two-lap 5km run around the glorious Aireville Park

Entries are now live: click below to enter via the British Triathlon website.

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Full Race information and Instructions from the 2017 event is available here: pdf icon Race Information [3Mb]

New to Triathlon? Then read the excellent beginners guide pdf icon Beginners Guide [9Mb]

Race Information

The Skipton Triathlon Race takes place at Craven Leisure and Aireville Park, Skipton (BD23 1UQ), on April 15, 2018. The race is almost exactly the same as in previous years. Car parking will be at the Craven Auction Mart (BD23 1UD) just next door to the pool and park - this opens at 7am, one hour before the start of the race.

Sign on will take place inside Craven Swimming Pool in the dance studio, where there will also be full race information and maps etc. 

The race starts at 8am. Your start time is based upon the swim time you put down when you entered. The slower 20min swimmers will be first to start at 8am with the sub 7minute swimmers starting at 3pm. We will send out your swim time at the end of March/early April but below is a guide to when different times will start.

Your Swim Time20 mins +16-19 mins13 - 15mins11 - 12mins10 - 11mins9 - 10mins4 - 8mins
Estimated Race Start Time8 - 9am9 - 10am10 - 11am11 - 12noon12 - 1pm1 - 2pm2 - 3pm

The Transition area is 150 metres from the pool in the top part of Aireville Park. There will be ample numbered racking with the cycle and run routes heading out of the transition area in the same place.  The Google map below shows you the layout for the race day including all the key event areas.  Feel free to visit the event venue at any time to familiarize yourself with this.

Tri Layout

The Cycle route starts by the Gargrave Road War Memorial and heads out of town up this road. It turns left along the A59 for 5km past Broughton Hall to the A56/A59 roundabout. The route turns right to stay on the A59 and heads up to East and then West Marton, where you turn left onto the back road to Thornton in Craven. You turn left twice in Thornton in Craven onto the A56 and the half way mark. You ride down the A56 past the Tempest Pub and to the A59 roundabout where you turn right and retrace your route back along into Skipton. Check out the full cycle route by clicking here and the full run route by clicking here or view the maps below.

You'll dismount and return to Transition for the run, which takes you back out onto Gargrave Road by the War Memorial and along the pavement before turning back into Aireville Park. Here the run route takes you down through the park on the main path to almost the Leeds Liverpool canal and the drinks station. You turn around here and return up the park to the top before completing your first loop by running along the top wood path. One more lap to run before you dash across the grass to the finish line in the middle of the park. Here you can claim your well-earned medal, relax, pick up your time, get a massage, chat with other finishers and celebrate finishing.

The Cycle Route

The Run Route

Contact details and further information

Find out more about the sport of triathlon here: British Triathlon Federation

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