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Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for children and adults of all abilities and ages.

We have lessons on most days, please see our latest timetable.

Children's swimming lessons

Join our Learn2Swim programme then by completing the Swimming Lessons Application Form (Child). If you have any further enquiries then please contact  us on (01756) 693927 or Email:

All of our lessons are held over a 12 week block. We do not have lessons on Bank Holidays (we adjust the prices accordingly) or over the Christmas break. Our block lesson dates are in this calendar:

How do I cancel my child's swimming lessons?

If you wish to cancel swimming lessons we require customers to email us so that we can cancel this for you. Please note that you cannot cancel mid-way through a block of lessons and that your direct debit will continue for each block of lessons unless you email us to cancel the block (one month prior to the end of the current block).

Adult swimming lessons

Adult Lessons are available for Beginners and Improvers on Mondays 7pm. The course is delivered over a 12 week period. If you are interested please complete the Swimming Lessons Application Form (Adult).