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Craven District Council Ward Member Grants

August 2017: The Craven District Council Ward Member Grants scheme is now open for applications

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The council has a long-standing commitment to empowering people and organisations to do more to help communities throughout Craven.

Councillor Richard Foster, Leader of the council, gave a commitment to introduce Ward Member budgets, allowing every district councillor to respond to local needs by recommending the allocation of small amounts of money to support projects or activities that benefit the communities they represent.

A pilot scheme was run during 2016-17 and each councillor had a budget of  £1,000 to give out to community projects in their ward. Following the success of that scheme it will be run again in 2017-18 and is now open for applications from August 2017.

Ward budgets can also be used to fund joint projects between two or more wards, providing each ward has identified the same issue and there are clear benefits for the residents in each ward.

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How to Apply

Use the postcode search to find details of your local Craven Ward and your District Councillor or Councillors.

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You can also find out who your ward councillor is by clicking here.

To find out further details of the scheme and to see if your project is eligible to apply:

iCM Form
  1. Please read the application criteria carefully before filling in this form.
  2. Your Details
    1. Please give a brief summary of what the project is and how it will benefit the local community. Please include how, when and where the project will be delivered and for how long.
    2. Please provide a description of what you hope to achieve - e.g. the number of training events delivered, the number of people attending etc.
    3. Please provide a breakdown of costs e.g. for venue, staff, equipment etc.
    4. This should include name and contact details including address, email and telephone number plus a brief description of your organisation
    5. You must agree to the following *
      1. I declare that the above information is true and complete and that if funding is secured for this project through the Community Grant Scheme I will a) Ensure that all publicity and promotional material produced during the delivery of the project will give full acknowledgement to the funding given by Craven District Council; b) If the project is offered a grant it must fully comply in utilising the grant within 12 months of the grant being offered; c) The grant is only to be used for the project/activity set out in this application form; d) If requested, within one month we will provide the council with additional evidence of the project (for example copies of quotes and receipts of expenditure)