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Overview of the governance and management of Craven District Council ; including information on Councillors, Council Meetings, and the Senior Management Team

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Council overview

There are 30 Councillors elected from 19 wards to represent the people of Craven. The council is currently controlled by the Conservative Party and Councillor Richard Foster is the Leader of the Council. The rules governing the council are set out in its Constitution

There are currently 17 Conservative, 7 Independent (1 aligned to the Conservative Party for the purposes of political proportionality), 1 Liberal Democrat, 3 Labour, 1 UK Independence Party and 1 Green Party.

Paul Shevlin is the Council's  Chief Executive and leads the Management Team who are responsible for providing Craven District services, and managing the Council's budget to deliver the Council's Vision " for Craven to be a prosperous place with strong, vibrant and diverse communities."

Other local services are delivered by North Yorkshire County Council (including Educations, Highways and Health and Social Care). There are also parish councils and parish meetings, that deliver services including allotments and recreation grounds. There are other local organisations, such as the Yorkshire Dales National Park and some health bodies, which carry out public functions, but are not directly elected.

  • Democracy

    Information on Councillors and Council decision making

  • Council Constitution

    The Council's Constitution sets out the rules governing the Council's business.