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Energy Bills Rebate

Around 20 million households in England in council tax bands A-D will get a £150 rebate from May.

The government announced a package of support known as the Energy Bills Rebate to help households with rising energy bills. As part of this support, households in council tax bands A to D will receive a £150 payment, intended to help towards rising fuel costs. The payment is NOT a loan, you will not have to pay it back.

Which households will receive the payment?

Households in council tax bands A to D that are used as someone’s main residence will be eligible to receive the rebate. Unoccupied properties and second homes are not eligible for this grant. There is only one payment per household.

Unfortunately properties in Bands E to H do not qualify for the Energy Bills Rebate. The government have provided a small amount of funding to allow councils to set up their own discretionary schemes for properties in these bands. We hope to publish details of Craven’s scheme by the end of June. Applications will be required (see below under ‘Non direct debit payers’).

How do I apply for a payment?

Direct debit payers

Council tax payers who pay by direct debit will receive their £150 energy rebate payment automatically. In the majority of cases this will be paid into your bank account during the first half of May. In a small number of cases we may need to contact the person named on the bill to confirm payment details; this would be in cases where we are not sure who is paying the direct debit.

Non direct debit payers

Letters were issued to eligible households during week commencing 9th May. If you do not pay your council tax by direct debit you will need to complete an online application form called Grant Approval. This form is hosted by a partner company called Ascendant. The company is working with around 100 local authorities to help deliver this new scheme.

You will need to register on Grant Approval using your e-mail address. You will receive a password to allow you to complete your registration and then you will be able to make your application securely.

Before you apply for the £150 rebate, please make sure you have these details to hand:

  • Property reference number and account number for your residential address – this will be on the letter you received which invites you to apply and also on your latest council tax bill. The property reference number starts with a zero and the account number starts with a one.
  • A recent bank statement which must show your name, address, account number and sort code. You will need to upload this document as part of your application but you do not need to provide details of any transactions if you do not want to.

Using this application form is the fastest way to get your payment if you do not pay by direct debit. In over 90% of cases, the payment is approved within two working days and in your bank account within five working days of you making your application. If we need to check something on your application, we will usually contact you within three working days. 

Apply online for your council tax rebate

Do I have to fill in the form online?

As we have said, using the online application form is the fastest way to get your payment if you do not pay by direct debit. However, we recognise that some people would prefer to complete a paper form and these are available from Customer Services. You will still need the details and evidence listed above. Once we receive your form we will complete the online form on your behalf.

Can the £150 be credited to my council tax account?

Yes. Please email: and put Energy Rebate – Council Tax Credit in the subject line. You will need to include your name, address and council tax account reference in the body of your e-mail. We will amend your instalments and send a new bill to confirm. Due to the large volumes this could take 2 to 3 weeks so please pay as normal until you have received your revised bill.

When will I receive my payment?

We started making payments in the first week in May; due to the large numbers of eligible households and the validation checks required it is likely to be several weeks before all payments are made and so we do ask for your patience and politely request that you do not follow up applications until at least one month has passed, or until the end of May if you paid your April council tax instalment by direct debit.