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Fees, Charges and Forms

Fees and Charges for Waltonwrays Cemetery and Ingleton Cemetery, including Application Forms.

Fees and Charges:

For Skipton and Ingleton - April 2018 - 2019

Please note these costs do not include Funeral Directors' fees, registration fees etc.

If you are receiving benefits or you are on a low income you may be entitled to get financial assistance towards the cost of the funeral. To find out more information follow the link to the government website.

Payment Plans:

We have introduced the option when purchasing a grave or memorial to spread the payments over 12 months interest free. 

Our instalment plans allow families to pay tribute to their loved ones in the form of a lasting memorial in a more financially manageable way. 

They can also help you plan for the future and fix the cost of purchasing a grave at today's prices, in a more convenient way using interest free payment plans, giving peace of mind to you and your family. 

Payment plans are available on all our full burial graves, our ashes graves and some of our permanent memorial options. 

For more information please contact Bereavement Services directly. 

Please Note: it will not be possible for an interment to take place or for a memorial to be erected until the final instalment has been paid. 

This payment plan DOES NOT include the costs of the interment or any applicable permit fee. 


Memorial Application Forms:Tree of Life

Moorland Above Ground Vault

Airedale Memorial

Seasonal Garden Vase

Tree of Life

Dales Column

Stone Plaque Ashes Area - Section G 

Walton Gallery

Book of Remembrance

Fees and Charges of all Memorial Options - April 2018-2019

Full details of memorials can be found on our page Beautiful memorials to remember your loved ones.


Exclusive Rights for Burial - Full and Half Graves.

Memorial Consent Application Form - for Headstones on Full or Half Graves

Notice of Interment:

Full Burial

Ashes Interment

Cremation Forms:

New Cremation Forms from 6th April 2018:


 Memorial Mason Registration Forms


Memorial Masons

We have a range of Monumental Masons who are registered with us, who have a variety of designs and different stones to choose from or you can choose a memorial mason of your choice (subject to them meeting our requirements)

Funeral Directors

A list of possible Local Funeral Directors can be viewed here.

Please note that these are only a hand full of Local Funeral Directors who use Skipton Crematorium and you can choose the most appropriate to you.