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The Charter for the Bereaved

All about The Charter for the Bereaved and the Guiding Principles


Craven District Council has adopted the Charter for the Bereaved, which aims to improve the standards for Burial and Cremation services and the experience of funerals for those who are bereaved.

Craven District Council's Bereavement Service Team have been awarded Gold for Cremation and Silver for Burial in 2018 and again in 2019s annual assessment.  

The Charter has been set up by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM), which Craven District Council are now full corporate members of, and identifies 33 Charter Rights which must be met in order to become a charter member.


What is the Charter?

The Charter, in short, seeks to generate an interest and educate people about bereavement. It helps to influence the expansion of the service by confronting, rather than disguising or ignoring, death.

It offers a written statement of what is expected and enables people to judge the quality of the service they receive, which in turn helps to increase the choice and options available.

This means the bereaved can create a more meaningful funeral that is cost effective and meets everyones needs.

To read the full copy of the Charter for the Bereaved please visit the ICCM website or a copy is kept in the crematorium office.


Guiding Principles

To complement the Charter for the Bereaved the ICCM have published a set of Guiding Principles. The first one being “All cremation and burial facilities shall be managed with competence and efficiency, to ensure that the entire bereavement experience occurs without error or insensitivity, and meets the religious, secular, ethnic and cultural needs of the bereaved.”

You can view the full list of Guiding Principles here.