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Digital Technology

Broadband connectivity for your business.

Access to an appropriate broadband connection is crucial for businesses in the 21st Century - without it, companies are denied vital services such as remote access, cloud storage, video conferencing, and access to government services, online banking and 24 hour management of supply and customer relationships.

Recent investment in broadband infrastructure has resulted in significant improvements to connectivity in Craven which may help your business benefit from access to these digital services.


How can I improve my broadband connectivity?

The key initiative to improve rural broadband in Craven is being led by Superfast North Yorkshire.  To understand what connectivity may be available to your business visit the 'Where & When' page and enter the postcode of the premises where you would like to improve your broadband service.

If available, the postcode checker will show what connectivity options are available to your business and a selection of internet service providers.

In addition to the connectivity available through Superfast North Yorkshire, dependant on your location, a faster broadband connection may also be available from a number of alternative providers, including:

Boundless Networks

Boundless Networks use wireless technology to create a network that can supply superfast connectivity across large geographic areas, providing coverage to sparsley populated areas including Upper Wharfedale, South Craven, Malhamdale and Ribblesdale.

For more information on Boundless Networks visit

Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN)

A pioneering pure fibre network is being built across North Craven offering symmetrical connectivity of up to 1Gbit.  Built predominantly by volunteer labour through the installation of fibre optic cables B4RN is expanding across Burton-in-Lonsdale, Bentham, Clapham, Ingleton, Austwick, Chapel-le-Dale, Lawkland and Eldroth.

For more information on B4RN visit


How can improved broadband connectivity support my business? 

The integration of digital technology into your business can be crucial for success and growth.  Skipton based Principle Healthcare demonstrates how exploiting new connectivity can help streamline your business.

Digital Technology : Case Study [269kb]

If your business could benefit from investment in digital technology why not find out what grants and business support opportunities may be available including the Digital Enterprise Business Support Programme.