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Ingleton Village Action Plan

The Action Plan sets out a number of key improvements for Ingleton.

The Action Plan for Ingleton has been prepared by the Council, in partnership with Ingleton Parish Council, Ingleton & District Tradespeoples' Association and Ingleton Rural Community Association in response to concerns of local businesses regarding the quality of the trading environment; in particular the impact of fewer people visiting the village centre.

The Action Plan sets out a number of key improvements for the village, which include:

  • Enhancement of the historical village centre environment - refurbishment of the market square; improvement of the external appearance of shop frontages; tackling incidents of poor maintenance
  • Refurbishment of the Community Centre car park - rearrangement of the layout; improvements to its appearance and accessibility
  • Creation of new products and experiences that will attract new visitors - opening up Ingleton Viaduct for pedestrian and cycle access; enhancement and promotion of heritage and literary connections; development of Riverside Park to increase its appeal and usage
  • Improvement of traffic movement around the village - rationalisation and installation of new signage; review of on-street parking and improvement of the streetscape
  • Development of existing businesses and encourage of new and innovative enterprises - development of a digital high street; creation of alternative shopping experiences and improvement of business practices
  • Influencing people to choose to visit and stay in Ingleton - promotion and increasing awareness of the village, its activities and features
  • Creation of a new Ingleton brand - enabling the branding to be used in everyday marketing materials and integration into your digital and social media platforms - Download Ingleton Brand Guidelines [1Mb].  High resolution logos are available, please contact