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Safe Places Initiative

Information about the North Yorkshire Safe Place initiative and how vulnerable people can register with the scheme.

A safe place is where anyone who might need a little bit more help and support when they are out and about in the community can call in to get assistance.

Being a Safe Place means you are providing an environment for someone who may feel vulnerable in the community to be able to go to should they need advice, support, reassurance or help.

Craven District Council has registered the following locations under the scheme.

  • Council Offices, Belle Vue Square, Skipton¬†

  • Craven Leisure in Aireville Park, Skipton

  • Skipton Visitor Centre, Town Hall, High Street, Skipton

  • Skipton Crematorium, Waltonwrays Cemetery, Skipton ¬†

A list of all registered Safe Places in North Yorkshire can be found at

People who feel they might need this kind of extra support can register to become a member of the scheme. The main groups of people expected to register as members are:

  • Younger people

  • Older people

  • People with physical disabilities

  • People with mental health conditions

  • People with learning disabilities

  • People with Dementia

Members of the scheme carry a 'keep safe' card and may have a wristband. On the card there is a call centre number that can be contacted by the safe place to pass the person's details.

The call centre will then contact the person's responders to make sure someone who knows them the best can come to take them home.

The safe place will make sure that the person is safe and feels comfortable until their responder is able to attend.

To find out more about safe places visit

To become a safe place location or a scheme member you can phone 03307 260260 or e-mail