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Community-led Planning

What is Community Led Planning?

A Community Led Plan outlines the vision for your community and details a series of actions that will help to improve your community, and realise its long term vision.

There are 3 core principles which define Community Led Planning and distinguish it from other methods of community engagement:

(1) the plan is owned, managed and led by the community

(2) the process is inclusive of the whole community and

(3) the actions it contains are evidence based

A plan can be developed by any community regardless of size or geographic boundary, and the content can be as wide ranging as the community wishes it to be, covering all aspects of community life. Parish Councils have an important role to play in supporting the development of Community Led Plans, and in taking forward the identified actions. In many cases they are the driving force behind Community Led Planning.

Why develop a Community Led Plan?

Change is inevitable, and whilst it cannot be stopped it can be influenced. Community Led Planning provides written evidence of local needs which can help to influence local policy makers including planning authorities, health service providers, local businesses and others.

As a platform for public discussion, Community Led Planning is often a catalyst for positive change - bringing people together, generating new ideas, developing new partnerships and building community cohesion.

Fundamentally, Community Led Plans allow rural communities to make themselves heard and initiate actions to improve the quality of life locally.

Community Led Plans: 

  • Provide evidence of local needs
  • Give the community a voice
  • Generate action
  • Improve community spirit 
  • Produce better equipped and better informed communities 

Who can help me with a Community Led Plan?

Whether you are looking for guidance and support throughout the entire process, or you just need an expert in questionnaire design and data analysis, Rural Action Yorkshire are able to support you with your Community Led Plan. There is further information available on the Rural Action Yorkshire website