Craven District Council

Craven District Council

Craven Community Safety Hub

We're helping to keep Craven communities safe.

Keeping Craven safe is the focus of the Craven Community Safety Hub. When crime and anti-social behaviour issues are highlighted or trends identified, multi-agency problem solving interventions can be quickly put in place to help our neighbourhoods stay safe.

The Hub based at Craven District Council consists of a Council officer and an officer from North Yorkshire Police. Where needed there is capacity to bring in the county council, fire service, social landlords, probation services, youth services, voluntary services and other local agencies to tackle issues as they arise. The work has seen crime and anti-social behaviour levels drop significantly over recent years for residents and visitors alike.

Whilst there have been many changes to the organisations working to keep Craven safe over the last few years, alongside significantly reduced budgets to deliver initiatives, the focus has remained on reducing crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour for all those who live; work or visit our district.

Through the Hub, multi-agency problem solving is the key to tackling troubling behaviour in our towns and villages and all organisations work together to solve issues and incidents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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