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Additional Restrictions Grants - 2021 National Lockdown

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) is a discretionary fund provided to Councils to allow them to support local businesses.

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) is a discretionary fund provided to Councils to allow them to support local businesses.

The current ARG scheme closed on March 31st. There is likely to be further ARG funding available for businesses which are not eligible for Restart Grants, but which are nonetheless experiencing a severe impact on their business. The Council has been instructed to wait for guidance from Government before deciding on the application process.

Please do not apply for the new grant scheme until we have received the guidance and are aware of the eligibility criteria.

If you have already received a discretionary grant for the November 2020 or January 2021 national lockdowns you do not need to re-apply for any future period for which an ARG might be payable. We will contact you if we need any further information.

The Additional Restrictions Grant scheme is intended to cover the whole period up to March 2022. This means that the scheme is likely to evolve over time, and will be delivered in phases. The scheme was approved by the Council’s Policy Committee on 1 December.  

The scheme is available for businesses that are instructed to close but are not in the Ratings List. Examples include some bed and breakfasts, businesses in shared spaces, market traders and businesses without premises (mobile or home-based). The awards will reflect the payments detailed in the government’s LRSG scheme. Businesses without an entry in the Ratings List can expect to be treated as if they are in the Rateable Value of £15,000 or lower group.

Market traders can only expect to receive the amount detailed above if they trade in Craven for 4 days or more per week. Payments will be made on a pro-rata basis for fewer days.

The scheme is also available for businesses that were not mandated to close but are severely impacted by the restrictions. Businesses will be expected to show that they have been significantly financially impacted a result of the restrictions. For the purposes of the scheme the Council considers ‘significantly financially impacted’ to mean at least 50% reduction in income or sales compared to a similar period immediately prior to the restrictions coming into place.

Additional Restrictions Grants covering February 16th - March 31st

The second tranche of the 2021 lockdown payment will cover the 44 days from 16th February to 31st March inclusive. Where the business has already received the payment for the period from 5th January there is no need to re-apply and payment will be made on 26th February.

If the business has not already received a grant we will need an application – as before using the form above and providing an explanation of the position from 5th January

Payments are as follows:

  • Mandated to close but not on Rating List - £2096
  • Market traders - 1 or 2 days - £1048
  • Market traders - 3 or more days - £2096


Not mandated to close but severely affected:

  • Rateable value up to £15000 - £1467
  • Rateable value £15001 - £50999 - £2200
  • Rateable value £51000 and above - £3300

Download the Additional Restrictions Grants (ARG) scheme document (PDF)