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Discretionary Grant Scheme

Craven District Council has allocated discretionary grants to small and micro businesses.

The Council’s Discretionary Grant Scheme is now closed and the applications have been assessed.

We had £1.2m to share between all qualifying businesses. We received a total of 308 applications from a wide range of businesses, including many businesses that the government asked us to prioritise:

  • Bed and Breakfast accommodation paying council tax
  • Regular market traders
  • Businesses in shared / flexible spaces
  • Charities which had been ineligible for SBGF or RHLGF

30 applications are ineligible for a grant for various reasons. This may be because they have already received a Small Business Grant, or there was more than one application from the same trader / company (we will only pay out one Discretionary Grant). There are also a small number of applications requiring further investigation. Businesses not meeting the definition of a small or micro business are not eligible for Craven’s discretionary scheme.

Grants have been determined depending on the business type, size of business (turnover and number of employees), property costs and losses sustained (length of closure being a factor in this).

The numbers awarded in the categories defined in the council’s published scheme are:

Scheme Definitions

No of grants awarded





Up to £5k (amounts range from £1k to £5k)


Up to £2k  (market traders)


Total number of grants awarded


Please refer to the policy and scheme details for more information.