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Council Tax Amounts 2020 - 2021

Find out about Council Tax amounts and costs of local services for 2020 - 2021.

Craven District Council acts as the billing authority for Council Tax purposes.

The Council’s Band D Council tax for 2020-21 is £177.21, which is 2.90% higher than for 2019-20.

Whilst your Council tax bill is issued by Craven District Council, it includes amounts collected by it on behalf of the following organisations:

Name of organisation Band D Council Tax 2020 - 2021 £ Increase %
North Yorkshire County Council 1363.47 3.99
Police and Crime Commissioner North Yorkshire 265.77 3.91
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority 72.69 1.99
Local Town and Parish Councils (Average) 63.62 3.32

To help improve local accountability, the Council Tax bill provides an analysis of the Council Tax charges from each of the local authorities providing services to residents of Craven District.

As in previous years, the amount shown for local Town and Parish Councils is an average so the actual amount you will pay as part of your Council Tax will vary according to the area in which you live.

Finally, Council Tax is set on the basis of a Band D calculation with other bands expressed as a proportion (e.g. Band A is 6/9 of Band D, Band H is 18/9 of Band D). In some cases the % change in the Council tax may vary slightly from the band D % increase as a result of rounding.

How your council tax is worked out

The amount that you will have to pay is worked out following the preparation of the annual budget by the Council.

Budgets are also prepared by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (NYPCC), North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority (NYFRA) and Town and Parish Councils (Parishes).

Once their budgets are agreed they notify Craven District Council (CDC) how much money they require to help them deliver the services they are responsible for.

These notifications are called precepts and require CDC to raise the necessary amounts through Council Tax.

As well as money raised from Council Tax other income received from Central Government and business rates is also used to pay for services that the Council provides.

The amount you pay is then worked out by adding all the precepts to the net amount required by CDC (after taking account of Government Grants and Business Rates Income). This sum is then divided by the number of residential properties in the area to give an amount to pay for a property in Band D.

The number of properties in Band D for 2020-21 is 22,617. This is called the Tax Base.

What do I pay?

Table 1 below illustrates the calculation for a property in Band D. The amount due for properties in other Bands is shown in Table 2. Please note that you need to add any additional amount required by your local Town or Parish Council.

Table 1 - Council Tax Calculation for a property in Band D

 Name of organisation £000 £ %
North Yorkshire County Council 30838 1363.47 70.18
Police and Crime Commissioner North Yorkshire 6011 265.77 13.68
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority 1644 72.69 3.74
Craven District Council 4008 172.21 9.12
Parishes 1439 63.62 3.28
Total 43940 1942.76 100

These amounts have been rounded to the nearest thousand. The actual amount you will have to pay will be less if you are entitled to any reliefs.

Find out about Council Tax Discounts and the Council Tax Reduction.

Table 2 - Council Tax Bands and Calculations 2019-20

Name of organisation Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Band F Band G Band H
North Yorkshire County Council 908.98 1060.47 1211.97 1363.47 1666.47 1969.46 2272.45 2726.94
Police and Crime Commissioner North Yorkshire 177.18 206.71 236.24 265.77 324.83 383.89 442.95 531.54
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority 48.46 56.54 64.61 72.69 88.84 105.00 121.15 145.38
Craven District Council 118.14 137.83 157.52 177.21 216.59 255.97 295.35 354.42
Amount due (Excl. Parish amounts) 1252.76 1461.55 1670.34 1879.14 2296.73 2714.32 3131.90 3758.28

Where does each pound I pay go?

This year Craven District Council must collect £43.940m from Council Tax payers. From each pound collected, about 70p will go to North Yorkshire County Council and 14p will go to the Police and Crime Commissioner North Yorkshire. A further 4p will go to the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority and about 3p will go to Town and Parish Councils.

Only 9p of each pound collected is spent on services provided by Craven District Council.

Information about North Yorkshire County Council's element of the council tax bill is available from the North Yorkshire County Council - Council Tax website

Police and Fire Precepts

Information on the Police and Fire Precepts is available on the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner website.

Download the Fire and Police Precept Leaflet 2019/2020