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Council Tax for hospital or care home residents

Council Tax for hospital or care home residents

Discounts for hospital residents

A discount is available to hospitals, covering those residents who live permanently in the hospital.

If someone in your household has moved permanently into a hospital and is not expected to return home, and this leaves only one adult living in the home address, the person remaining at that address should claim the 25% single person discount.

Discounts for care home residents

The owner of a care home may be able to claim a discount if the only occupiers of the home are those people who receive care or treatment there.

This discount doesn't apply if anyone other than residents lives in the home e.g. the resident proprietor and any family.

If someone has moved permanently into a care home, leaving only one adult resident in their former address, then a 25% single person discount can be claimed in respect of that address.

How to apply

Please download and complete the application form and return to Customer Services.