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Other Council Tax Discounts

Including discounts for visiting armed forces, members of international organisations or persons with diplomatic privileges.

Discount for visiting forces

A 25% discount is available where members (and dependants) of visiting forces are not liable for Council Tax, but are resident with someone who would otherwise live alone at the property.

Please note: The discount does not apply to a dependant of a member of a visiting force if the dependant is a British citizen.

Download a discount for visiting forces form

Discounts for members of international organisations

This 25% discount relates to any person who is a member of an international headquarters or a defence organisation, and to a dependant of any such member.

Download a discount for members of international organisations form

Discounts for persons with diplomatic privileges

Discounts are available in respect of any person who has diplomatic privileges or immunities, and who lives with someone who would otherwise live alone.

In order to qualify, the diplomat concerned must not be a British subject or be a permanent UK resident.

Download a discount for diplomatic privileges form