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Neurological Injury recovery

Neurological Injury, Stroke recovery and rehab sessions using ARNI

A neurological Injury and stroke rehabilitation scheme has started at Craven Leisure. Neurological injury and stroke survivors can be referred to the programme through the normal Exercise GP Referral scheme. ARNI stands for Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury. More information is available here:

The class is led by an ARNI trained instructor and takes place every Friday at 1.15pm (60mins)

The programme started here at Craven on January 22, 2016.

The ARNI Approach to stroke recovery encompasses:

  • Task-related functional movement training
  • Physical coping strategies
  • Stroke-specific resistance training
  • The design of self-recovery programmes with the aim of self-reliance.

ARNI training aims to come in after the stroke survivor has been discharged by the hospital and physiotherapist and now have the rest of their lives to live.

The ARNI approach was developed by Tom Balchin who suffered a stroke while in university.

It is based on functional, practical physical training, so people can improve their ability to perform everyday tasks. For example:

  • Sitting/standing.
  • Getting up off the floor.
  • Walking on varied surfaces and in crowds.
  • Interacting with household objects.

Using the principle of neuroplasticity, it aims to improve stroke survivors' abilities through practice and repetition of traditional and innovative exercise training.

It aims to challenge the idea that recovery from stroke is not possible after a few months.

We are now starting Stroke Survivors Group Training Sessions at Craven Fitness Centre. This will initially be 1 hour, group sessions to get people together and moving. This will be a simple, functional training circuit, aiming to challenge their stamina, balance, coordination, hand dexterity and strength.

If there is a demand, the aim is to also provide 1 to 1 rehab sessions for people, consisting of:

  • Physical and emotional assessments
  • Working out their goals
  • Developing a training plan for them to follow towards these goals
  • Support, motivation and encouragement during training for these goals.

Stroke survivors can be referred to Craven Fitness Centre through the normal GP Referral scheme. At the time of writing, the GP referral scheme consists of:

  • 12 week referral for full use of the gym and pool.
  • One off fee of £51 covering the full 12 weeks (£17/month).
  • Stroke survivors will also get the group session with the aim for 1 to 1 sessions in the future.

For questions on the administration of the referral scheme, please contact Head of Fitness Neil Harrison on:

For questions about the actual stroke rehab training and to complete the initial form, please contact the rehab instructor, Cerin Rees on: