Craven District Council

Craven District Council

Government Procurement Card (GPC) transactions

The Local Government Transparency Code requires local authorities to publish details of procurement card spend.

We have published this information based on our interpretation of draft local transparency guidance published by the Local Government Association

We publish data quarterly.

The deadline for initial publication was 31 December 2014. Spend between August and December 2014 was published at this point.

Please note statements are received monthly by the council from our procurement card provider which shows spend up to the 20th of each month. Due to timings of statements there will always be an additional time lag between this date and when the council can publish the data due to additional administration involved in producing the data to meet the Local Code requirements.

We will now publish the data based on the following periods: 

Quarter End Publish By Showing Monthly Spend over 3 Months to:
31 March 30 April 20 March
30 June 31 July 20 June
30 September 31 October 20 September
31 December 31 January 20 December

Financial Year 2017-18


Financial Year 2016-17

Financial Year 2015-16