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Open Data

We publish our data so that citizens can see how we work and where money is spent. The data is published in an accessible format and can be freely reused in accordance with the open data licence.

Open data is part of Councils being more open and transparent; about sharing certain non-personal information and datasets and making them freely available for everyone to use as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other controls.

The idea of open data is outlined in the government's Open data White Paper (June 2012).

Open data published by the Council is open to use, you do not have to apply for permission, on the condition that you adhere to the terms of the Open Government License for public sector information

The data contained on this website is in open and readable formats that can be easily re-used: where appropriate it is formatted according to a specific schema.

Open data can be used to create information, publications, systems and applications that are both useful and innovative and are of benefit to the wider community.

Please note that we reserve the right to change the format and nature of the data that we publish.

Our open data is published under one of three directives:

Data North Yorkshire

Craven District Council is part of Data North Yorkshire, a partnership of local authorities and organisations to become more open with their data.On the Data North Yorkshire website you can query our open data alongside that of other councils, with on-screen previews and API interfaces available.

Craven District Council publishes a number of spatial datasets on data,

Our Datasets

Expenses for officers and councillors

Details of officer and councillor expense claims exceeding £500 per month.  The legislation requires data to be published quarterly. Where no data is published in a particular quarter there was no spend exceeding £500 to publish.

Expenses Datasets

Gender Pay Gap report

Download the Gender Pay Gap Analysis report 2018

Download the Gender Pay Gap Analysis report 2019

Download the Gender Pay Gap Analysis report 2020

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations

Details of grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations

Premises licenses

Download Craven District Council list of premises licenses

Public toilets

Download Craven District Council list of public toilets

Council land and building assets

Download Craven District Council land and building assets

Parking Account

Details of income and expenditure on the authority's parking account under Section 55 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Parking income datasets


Parking spaces in Craven

Details of off-road parking spaces in the Craven district

Section 106 agreements

Planning obligations under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) are commonly known as ‘Section 106 Agreements’, and are a means by which developers contribute to mitigate the impact of a particular development that would otherwise be unacceptable. They are often referred to as ‘developer contributions’.

Planning obligations are often used to secure affordable housing, to specify the type of this housing, and to provide improvements in infrastructure. They can also be used to restrict a particular development, provide certain amenities, specify that land is to be used in a particular way, or require monies to be paid to the Council.

Because the Council receives a number of enquiries about Section 106, the Council has decided to publish details of the current agreements on our website, and this information will be updated periodically.

Download S106 Receipts & Distribution Analysis 2009 - 2019 (.xlsx)

Download S106 Receipts & Distribution Analysis 2009 - 2020.pdf

Infrastructure Funding Statement

The Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) is an annual report which provides a summary of the financial and non-financial developer contributions relating to Section 106 Legal Agreements (S106), which are used to provide infrastructure to support development and mitigate its impacts.

The IFS includes information on the contributions required and received, and how financial payments have been used for the financial year.

Craven District Council, as the Local Planning Authority are required to produce and publish a IFS by the end of December each year to report on the previous financial year.

IFS documents