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Craven District Council

Results of Past Elections

Results for District, County and Parish Council, Parliamentary, European and PCC elections held in the Craven District since 2009.

The Council's Returning Officer is responsible for the conduct of local and national elections, and referendums in the Craven District .  Below you will find information about the most recent results of recent Craven District Council, North Yorkshire County Council and Parliamentary General elections, and the last National Referendum.     

District Council Elections

Craven District Council 2015 Craven District Council Election Results 2015 [239kb]

Skipton West Ward By-Election July 2014 Skipton West Ward District By Election July 2014 [56kb]

Craven District Council 2014 Craven District Council Election Results 2014 [240kb]

Craven District Council 2012  Craven District Council Election Results 2012 [73kb]

Craven District Council 2011  Craven District Council Election Results 2011 [59kb]

Craven District Council  2010 Craven District Council Election Results 2010 [62kb]


County Council Elections

Skipton West By-Election July 2014

North Yorkshire County Council 2013 North Yorkshire County Council Election Results 2013 [48kb] .

North Yorkshire County Council 2009  North Yorkshire County Council Election Results 2009 [6kb].


Parish Council Elections

Parish elections are held in different parts of the District in three out of every four years' period, alongside the District Ward elections.

Parish Election Results 2015 Parish Council Election Results 2015 [355kb]

Parish Election Results 2014 Parish Election Results 2014 [41kb]


Parliamentary Elections

Skipton and Ripon Constituency 2010 Skipton and Ripon Constituency Election Result 2010 [15kb] 


European Elections

The UK's membership of the European Union means that elections to the European Parliament are held every 5 years.

The European Parliamentary Elections were held on 22 May 2014 so the next one will be in 2018.

This is the 2014 European - Declaration of local result - Craven [22kb]


Police and Crime Commissioner

An election was held for the new Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire on 15th November 2012.  The Commissioner will do the work undertaken by the North Yorkshire Police Authority.  The first Commissioner will hold office until May 2016 and the terms of office will be for four years after that.

This is the Result of the Police and Crime Commissioner Election in North Yorkshire [22kb]  held in November 2012 together with the result of the poll in the Craven District. [20kb]

Elections 2016 Results

Results of the local elections held in the Craven District, Thursday 5th May 2016.

Full results here 

Aire Valley with Lothersdale

Candidate Party Votes  
Andrew Kenneth Brown Green Party 346 Not elected
Patrica Fernbank Conservative Party 511 Elected
Paul Arthur Routledge Labour Party 291 Not elected

Barden Fell Ward

Candidate Party Votes  
Andrew Frank Garrick Green Party 78 Not elected
David Pighills Independent 355 Elected
Gillian Quinn Conservative Party 248 Not elected

Cowling Ward

Candidate Party Number of votes  
Adrian Green Independent 164 Not elected
Andrew Charles Mallinson Conservative Party  133 Not elected
William Mercer Labour Party 209 ELECTED
Alan Perrow UKIP 153 Not elected

Grassington Ward

Candidate Party Number of votes  
Joe Lawrence Dillon Labour Party 147 Not elected
Richard William Foster Conservative Party 469 ELECTED

Ingleton and Clapham Ward

Candidate Party Number of votes  
David Lloyd Ireton Conservative Party 812 ELECTED
Sarah Wiltshire Green Party 397 Not elected


Settle and Ribblebanks Ward

Candidate Party Number of votes  
Jo Easterbrook Green Party 285 Not elected
Wendy Virginia Hull Conservative Party 463 ELECTED
David Robert Pemberton Labour Party 356 Not elected


Skipton East Ward

Candidate Party Number of votes  
Tania Brown Labour Party 138 Not elected
Wendy Elizabeth Clark Conservative Party 275 Not elected
Martin Emmerson Independent 274 Not elected
Eric Jaquin Liberal Democrat 311 ELECTED
David Christopher Noland Green Party 104 Not elected

Skipton North Ward

Candidate Party Number of votes  
John Kerwin-Davey Independent 264 Not elected
Wendy Ann Leach Liberal Democrat 278 Not elected
Claire Nash Green Party 252 Not elected
John Edward Pope Labour Party 142 Not elected
Paul Howard Whitaker Conservative Party 304 ELECTED

Skipton South Ward

Candidate Party Number of votes  
Alan Frank Hickman Labour Party 305 Not elected
Andrew Barry Solloway Independent 479 ELECTED

Skipton West Ward

Candidate Party Number of votes  
Christopher David Clark Conservative Party 308 Not elected
Eleanor Hartley Smith Green Party 98 Not elected
Christine Vivien Forbes Rose Labour Party 385 ELECTED
Stephen Paul Walpole Liberal Democrats 184 Not elected

Upper Wharfedale Ward

Candidate Party Number of votes  
Tanya Ilsa Graham Conservative Party 529 ELECTED
John Christopher Sutcliffe Vaughan Labour Party 195 Not elected