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EU parliamentary election results

An EU parliamentary election was held on 23 May 2019. The results were announced on 26 May 2019.

Results for the Yorkshire and Humber region

Results of the 2019 European Parliamentary election for the whole Yorkshire and Humber region
Party Votes
Change UK – The Independent Group 30,162
Conservative and Unionist Party 92,863
English Democrats 11,283
Green Party 166,980
Labour Party 210,516
Liberal Democrats 200,180
The Brexit Party 470,351
The Yorkshire Party 50,842
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 56,100
Electorate : 3,867,775
Turnout : 33.5%

Elected MEPs

List of MEPs for the Yorshire and Humber region
Seat Party Candidate
1 The Brexit Party John Longworth
2 The Brexit Party Lucy Elizabeth Harris
3 Labour Party Richard Graham Corbett
4 Liberal Democrats Shaffaq Mohammed
5 Green Party Magid Magid
6 The Brexit Party Jake Pugh

The results in the local counting area of Craven are as follows:     

Name of Party or Independent

Number of votes

Change UK – The Independent Group


Conservative and Unionist Party


English Democrats


Green Party


Labour Party


Liberal Democrats


The Brexit Party


The Yorkshire Party


UK Independence Party (UKIP)


The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:

Number rejected

A  want of an official mark


B voting for more Candidates than voter was entitled to


C writing or mark by which voter could be identified


D being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty


E rejected in part




Electorate: 44416     

Ballot Papers Issued: 18466                     Turnout: 41.6%

The Yorkshire and Humber region collectively elects six MEPs. We use a type of party-list proportional representation called the D'Hondt method to decide on how many MEPs are allocated to each party. 

The full results across Yorkshire and Humber will be posted here when they have been announced.

Each party's list of candidates can be viewed in the PDF below: