Craven District Council

Craven District Council

Riding Establishment Licence

A riding establishment is a business that hires out horses or ponies for riding, or a riding school

Licences are renewable annually. The council will arrange for the inspection of horses and premises by a veterinary surgeon to ensure the welfare of the animals and that the accommodation is suitable. The licence will be issued subject to compliance with licence conditions and payment of the licence fee.

How much does it cost to apply?

Riding Establishment -1-10 horses* (Annual)                    £200

Riding Establishment - 11-20 horses* (Annual)                 £260

Riding Establishment - 21 and over horses* (Annual)       £290

How do I apply?

Application for Riding Establishments [76kb]


Code of practice for horse and donkey welfare


Riding Establishment Act 1970

Public Register

Public register - Riding Establishments [7kb]