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Zoo Licence

You'll need a zoo licence if you will be displaying wild animals to the public for at least 7 days a year, in any place that is not a circus or pet shop.

To get a licence your zoo must:

  • help educate people about biodiversity
  • be suitable for the types of animals you're keeping
  • have a high standard of animal care
  • do as much as possible to stop any animals escaping
  • stop pests and vermin getting into the zoo

You must also do at least 1 of the following:

  • conservation research or training
  • sharing conservation information
  • captive animal breeding
  • helping repopulate or reintroduce species into the wild


Zoo licence cost

The current fees are:

Initial (4 yr licence)           £600 plus veterinary fees

Renewal (6 yr licence)      £850 plus veterinary fees


How to apply

Zoo Application Form [283kb]


Zoo experts committee handbook

Secretary of State's modern zoo practice guidebook

Guide to zoo licensing act's provisions


Zoo licensing act 1981