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Permitted Processes

The Council regulates a range of commercial and industrial processes that could give rise to polluting emissions.

The Council issues permits for the operation of certain processes and mobile plant under specific conditions to minimise the release of harmful substances. Conditions are based upon national industry guidance notes.  

The Council deals with processes such as:

  • quarries
  • mobile crushing plant
  • road stone coating
  • car paint spraying
  • unloading petrol at service stations,
  • coating processes that use solvents,
  • styrene and isocyanate use,
  • concrete batching plants,
  • timber and joinery manufacture,
  • waste oil burners
  • combustion processes.

Other processes are regulated by the Environment Agency.

Further general information on this can be found on the following websites:-

Industrial Emissions - Defra

Environmental Permitting - Environment Agency

Two new pollution control regulatory regimes were introduced under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999. Local Authorities are the regulators for the new regimes, known as:

Local Authority Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (LA-IPPC)  - covers installations known as A2 installations

A2 permit application form [101kb]

A2 Surrender Permit Form [82kb]

A2 Transfer Permit Form [78kb]

A2 Variation of Permit Form [90kb]

Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control (LAPPC) - covers installations known as Part B installations.

Part B Application Form [87kb]

Part B Permit Surrender Form [78kb]

Part B Permit Transfer Form [78kb]

Part B Variation of Permit Form [84kb]

A parallel system, known as Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) covers installations known as A1 installations and is regulated by the Environment Agency. Guidance on applying for A and Part B permits can be found on both the Defra and Environment Agency websites. Please see links above.

Public Register

The list of companies holding Part B Permits in Craven can be found in the Public Register.

We also hold a detailed public register of these activities in the council offices. It is available to view free of charge during normal council opening hours. It would be advisable to make an appointment to ensure that if you require assistance someone is available to help you.


We have recently received the following applications for Part B Permits, therefore a consultation in now in progress.

  •  Fairhurst

Application Form - Part B Permit - Fairhurst